Friday, 18 March 2011

NEW VIDEO : Skepta - All Over The House [X-RATED]



The first thing anyone mentions once watching the video is with immediate effect : "Is that porn?!"
Yes...Yes it is. It is technically pornography.
Skepta is in a porn video..... and he didn't even beat? #PAUSE

As tasteless as it may seem to be however, it is a marketing campaign. This video will achieve what it is set out to do which is to create attention for Skepta. Therefore, from that view, I can say that the video is a success. The interracial porn wasn't too bad either. The video has had mixed reviews and was followed by numerous 'reaction' videos. In the end I think the video is the equivalent of Marmite if you know what I mean.

6/10 .

Shoutouts to @ParisRocksXXX


Anonymous said...

lol this belongs on spifftv or something

Anonymous said...

It is obviously art.

Anonymous said...

Its dirty but woo didnt my face drop wasnt expeting that